Learn English in Said Hamdine, Birmouradrais, Alger

Taught by near-native and native English speaking teachers.

Why do you need to learn English?

  • Do you need help for the BAC, or for your studies at the university?  
  • Do you have to do research?
  • Do you need to get a high score on the TOEFL, the TOEIC or the IELTS?
  • Are you  looking for a new job?
  • Or do you just want to communicate while you travel?

No matter why you need English, the American English Plus Language Center can help.

Five Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How are your teachers qualified?

Most of our teachers are either Americans or they have lived in the US. Our main teachers have diplomas in teaching English as a foreign language. And, they are all very experienced! They have taught hundreds of students everything from the English alphabet to tutor advanced students on how to maximize their TOEFL and IELTS score.

2. What kinds of classes do you offer?

  • We teach adults and children, starting from age 6.
  • We have group classes which are usually two hours long and are held two times a week in the evening.
  • We also have private classes which are held at the convenience of the private student.
  • Corporate  group/private  classes are scheduled to meet the needs of the corporate client.

3. How do you teach students English?

  • Teachers speak only English in our adult classes.
  • We use the best books in exciting  student-centered classes to help our students go further than they could have ever imagined.
  • Our teachers bring stimulating ideas and fun conversation into every class.
  • Standard academic English is taught, but spoken English and slang are also a part of each session.
  • We teach more than just American English. Common words and expressions which are different in British and American English are frequently discussed in class.

4. How can I improve my English outside of class?

At the American English Plus Language Center, you will discover ways to increase your level of English quickly. Teachers will help you with advice and tricks to develop your English at home. And we will help you  improve your comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in every class.

5. How can I learn to really use English?

We can help you understand American and British customs and expectations. Our teachers are friendly, and will answer your questions about how to effectively use English as you study, travel, or pursue your career.

At the American English Plus Language Center, we don’t just teach you English…

…we help you achieve your goals.


Cité 384 Logements, Bat : B 20 RC/N3, Birmouradraise, Alger، Said Hamdine, Birmouradraise 16012, Algeria



Mob: 0791.890.377