Student Testimonials

Here's what alumni have to say about our school.

Mme N.M.

Karen is an excellent English teacher who can help anyone who wants to learn (to write and express) this language for professional or personal purposes.

Nahid Macher

I'm indeed thankful for what you've done and for being such an amazing teacher!!
I'll totally recommend you as a teacher to anyone willing to learn English.


I have been enrolled at the American English School since 2014. I have done Level 3 and 4, and now I am at Level 5. This is an excellent program and I have learned a lot. I do not regret the time I have spent here. We practice a lot, unlike the other schools, and personally that's what I missed. I highly recommend this school.

Mohamed E.

If someone were to ask me “When did you  really feel comfortable with the  English language?” I would definitely say during the period I was a student at the American English Plus school. This school gave me a lot of support  and the chance to upgrade my English level by learning from a native speaker. I consider this a premium service which I couldn't find at other schools. Besides that, I can frankly say that without the intensive course I took at this school, I probably wouldn't have been able to achieve the score I needed on the IELTS.


American English Plus is run by exceptionally competent professionals and highly trained teachers. It is the place to be if you want to improve your English in a productive and friendly environment.

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